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Motivational Monday!

4 Mar

Sorry for the delay in posting today’s Motivational Monday…it’s been a hectic and busy week or so, but in a good way!

Here’s today’s quote for you:

How many times have you said, “I’ll start tomorrow,” or “I’ll start Monday.” Hey, I’m guilty of it too! I started Whole30 last week but wasn’t fully prepared and stocked up with food, so I said I’d just re-start today. Sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes we get into the habit of starting all of our goals “tomorrow.” Or we wait until the “perfect time.” As this quote says, tomorrow never comes, and there will never be a perfect time! Whatever your goals are for this week, month or year, start working towards them today.

What goals will you work on TODAY?

Third Time’s A Charm

24 Feb

FINALLY was able to get in my 6 mile run yesterday. After trying on Tuesday and Friday (and failing), I tried one last time on Saturday. I really wanted to get in a 6 miler because my group will be doing 7 miles this Tuesday.

I wasn’t able to complete the runs the 2 times previous because my calves kept burning and getting tight…it felt like lactic acid buildup. I’m not sure why this happened, but I googled it and one of the reasons is possible dehydration? So Friday night I made sure to drink a ton of water before attempting another run on Saturday.

I started off feeling fine but was nervous that once I got further into the run I would start to fade. Surprisingly, I felt great! There were a few hills I was able to climb no problem (thanks to my hill workouts I’ve been doing on the treadmill probably!).

There were 2 times I had to stop for a few seconds to stretch out my calves, but overall it was a good run. I got new Mizuno sneakers too so that helped. Time to ice and do tennis ball rolling up until 7 miles on Tuesday! I can’t believe we have built up to 7 miles again…I don’t think I’ve ran more than 6 since training for the New York City Marathon. Hopefully it goes well!

Here are my splits for my run. I tried to maintain an easy, consistent pace…but wanted to pick it up for the last mile a bit. I like ending a little faster 🙂

Do you ever have off days, or multiple off days in a row? How do you deal with the frustration?

Motivational Monday!

18 Feb

It’s a new week! Can you believe there are less than 2 weeks left in February? Time really does fly. 2013 has been treating me well so far, and I hope the same goes for you! I am an optimist by nature, which is why I love today’s quote:

If you remain positive, and have a positive outlook on life, there is no doubt in my mind you will find happiness and fulfillment, even in the toughest of times. I have been going through a rough patch when it comes to self-satisfaction…but despite the negatives I always try to look on the bright side. There are so many things to be grateful for every day, and I remind myself of that. Sure, some days I am not happy with the way I look, or I have a bad run…but then I remember I am lucky I can even run, and that I have a healthy, strong body. Try to be positive this week, even in the face of tough challenges that come your way.

Do you usually look at the glass half full or half empty?

Motivational Monday!

11 Feb

It’s a new week! And as one of my friends pointed out…only 16 weeks until June 1! I seriously cannot wait until summer.

Here’s today’s motivational quote:

How has everyone been doing with their resolutions? Around Valentine’s Day (this week) is when most people fall off. Don’t be one of those people! Remember your resolutions and goals, and write down steps you will go through to continue to achieve them. I love this quote because it invokes a sense of passion and fire…be strong, be unstoppable, be fierce in whatever it is you are doing.

What is your resolution progress? Have you been going strong or faltered a bit? Hey, if you have it’s okay, just get back up and keep on going!

Motivational Monday!

28 Jan

I have been pretty busy this past week as it’s been the first week of the semester. I already have a lot of assignments and projects to work on, both academic and personal. While it can be stressful at times, I like knowing that everything I am doing is to achieve a certain goal.

I love this quote from Finding Nemo! In stressful times, it’s important to remember to just keep “swimming.” If you’re working towards goals, be grateful for the opportunities presented to you even if it means you’re busier than ever. In the end, it’s all worth it.

But it can be taken in so many other ways too. This past week I have also been feeling so frustrated that I haven’t been seeing the results I’ve wanted from exercising and eating clean. I will admit to eating a few too many bowls of cereal and a few cookies this week due to this frustration. But I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday, bought a bunch of healthy food, and am ready to keep going. Even when you don’t see the results you want, just keep going. Keep exercising. Keep eating healthy. The benefits go so much farther than just looking good. You are helping your body be healthy, and giving it the nutrients it needs.

Have you ever been in a rut where you feel like you’re not seeing results? Trader Joe’s snapped me out of it…what snapped you out of it?

Motivational Monday!

21 Jan

Nooooooo…I go back to school and work tomorrow ='(

I know, I know…I had a month off… “cry me a river.” It’s just been so relaxing!

Anyway, here is my motivation for you today:

A lot of the time, in our fitness and healthy journeys, we strive to be the “best” or compare ourselves to others. Why do they look like that and I don’t? How are they faster than me when I put in more work? There are so many questions like that I’m sure we have all thought before. But this quote is true. It’s all about being better than you were yesterday.

Coincidentally enough, my favorite professional runner/running idol, Kara Goucher, tweeted something along these lines yesterday as well:

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 11.26.32 PM

Every day, with every extra rep you do or mile you run, you are better than you were yesterday. Just by getting up and going to the gym you are better than yesterday! Forward progress always. Stop comparing yourself to others or competing against others…compete against yourself and strive to be the best you can.

What are your goals this week? Mine is to run 12 miles by Saturday!


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Fruit is Healthy…Right?

18 Jan

First off, happy Friday everyone! I’m actually sad it’s Friday, because it’s my last weekend before my winter break is over. My break has been so relaxing and I am kind of dreading going back to school. But, I can’t complain too much, since I’ll be graduating with my Master’s in May!

Anyway…today’s post could be controversial, which is why it’s filed under my “Thinking Out Loud” tab 😉

We’ll be discussing FRUIT.

I randomly thought about writing this as I walked by the smoothie shop at the mall the other day. Fruit smoothies are healthy right? Well, I won’t be saying that’s wrong because yes, fruits are obviously healthy and nutritious. But if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a certain weight, as with everything, fruit should be eaten in moderation.

Fruits contain a lot of sugar, and while it is obviously different than sugar found in candy bars or cookies, this sugar means fruit has higher calories than a vegetable for example. According to CNN Health Expert Dr. Melina Jampolis,

Fruits and vegetables, which are higher in water and fiber and lower in calories than other foods, are less likely to cause weight gain or prevent weight loss, as you would have to eat much larger portions to consume too many calories. However, fruit has almost three times the calories per serving as nonstarchy vegetables, so it is easier to consume too many fruit calories, which can interfere with weight loss. I frequently see patients who think of fruit as a “free food” and are unknowingly consuming up to 250 extra calories a day, which could prevent them from losing one pound of fat every two weeks!

She recommends sticking to 3 servings per day. I also recommend making sure you eat the correct serving size, and also look at nutritional facts for different fruits. Bananas and apples contain more calories, carbs and sugar than berries do. I try to eat more berries, and save the banana or apple for a pre or post-workout snack.

I would also be wary of those fruit smoothies. Sometimes I see people posting pictures of their smoothies, yet the ingredients are all fruits. That is a looootttt of sugar and hundreds of calories. The calories are fine, depending on your goals, but sugar, even if it’s natural, should be limited.

Also, don’t kid yourself into thinking drinking a cup or orange or apple juice counts as fruit. That is not a serving of fruit! Check the ingredients. Most likely, it’s fruit concentrate (and has preservatives).

The CDC has a great calculator that tells you how much fruit and veggies you should eat depending on your age, sex and activity level. According to this, I should have 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of veggies per day. If I made a multi-fruit smoothie, that would be way over my alotted amount. They also provide nutritional information for different fruits, and what fruits to eat if you are trying to lose weight.

Remember, everything is good in moderation. Yes, fruits are healthy, full of fiber, and nutritious, but you just need to make sure you’re not eating too much. Stick to berries, and save the higher calorie fruits for a pre or post-workout snack. I love bananas and apples with peanut butter!

What is your take on fruit? What’s your favorite fruit? Mine’s definitely bananas!

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How My Own Training Is Going

17 Jan

Currently, I am laying in my bed, procrastinating working on a paper that is due on Tuesday. I’m also pretty beat from my strength training workout today!

I typically lift 3 times a week, and just started a new program on Monday. For the next 3 weeks, I will be doing total body workouts that are in the 8-10 rep range. In the previous cycle, I was doing 12-15 reps (which is killer…try doing 15 reps of step-ups!).

Here are the exercises I did today:


I did 3 sets of everything, for 10 reps. Missing are the ab exercises I did. My new favorite (well it was always my favorite but I just started doing them again) are TRX pikes.

I also got to rock my new spandex today. I got these for 5 bucks at Old Navy! The material is just as soft as any Nike spandex I own. I highly recommend you check out Old Navy’s fitness gear.


This week I also got back to a regular running schedule. I started running again 2 weeks ago but only a few miles a week. I was sick for about a week so that hindered things. But now I am ready to delve in to half marathon training! I found one in April in Ocean City, Maryland which looks great. I haven’t done a half marathon since 2011! My goal is to finish in 2:00. Sub-2 would also be awesome.

I think if I can stay consistent with lifting, running and most importantly core work which I always tend to neglect, I can become a faster runner this year. And with the help of my running coach Marc of course! I also will be co-teaching a half-marathon training class starting Jan. 29, and there are some faster runners in there, so I hope to get my body used to running a little bit faster =)

What are your fitness goals in the next few months? Anyone else training for a spring half marathon?

Motivational Monday!

14 Jan

Today’s Motivational Monday shows how simple it really is. Whatever your goal or resolution is, it’s simple…JUST DO IT!

We are getting into mid-January now, closer to the time where a lot of resolutioners drop off. Don’t do it! Keep up the good work! When you don’t feel like eating healthy or going to the gym…just do it. You will feel much better, and if you don’t you will probably regret it.

Here are a few times I think will help in keeping your resolution:

  • Set small goals at first. Working out every day is a great goal, but if you’re a total beginner, you may find yourself burning out, which is why a lot of people stop going to the gym by mid-February.
  • Set measurable goals. Saying “I want to workout more” is great but how will you measure that? Take your measurements with a tape or get your body fat tested in order to have actual results and data.
  • Reward yourself…with something other than food! I found a great tip on Pinterest of putting a dollar in a jar every time you work out. Then once you hit a certain amount, treat yourself to some new workout clothes or a manicure or something.

What were your New Year resolutions? Are you keeping it up?

Motivational Monday!

7 Jan

Happy Monday! I have been sick for the past 3 days ugh. Thankfully, I only had to run 2 miles, which I didn’t because I have been in bed. Sigh.

Today I am supposed to lift, but I will try to run and then lift tomorrow when I am hopefully feeling better. I am so congested I haven’t been able to sleep!

Anyway, besides when I’m sick and need the time off, on regular days when I don’t want to work out, I gather up my motivation and head to the gym anyway. Some days (when my mom drives), I literally fall asleep on the way there from being tired! But once I start working out I immediately feel energized and pumped.

Just getting to the gym is the hardest part. Trust me, once you are there you will feel great and ready to do. You will also feel awesome walking out afterwards, knowing you got your workout in!

How do you motivate yourself to exercise on the days you really don’t want to?