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Halfway Through Marathon Training

5 Sep

I can’t believe we are almost done with week 10. Since we are more than halfway there, I wanted to take some time to reflect on how training is going. As you know, my mom and I have been using the Hansons Marathon Method to train for the NYC Marathon. Here are some thoughts.


It actually hasn’t been bad at all! When I first read this plan I was so nervous. Running 6 days a week?!!? I hadn’t done that since high school cross country. I have shin issues…would this be a good idea? The most I have ever ran in a week was 37 miles during marathon training in 2011. We will be running close to 60 miles during peak weeks and have already ran over 37 weekly miles…and ran the most in a year EVER!

It hasn’t been bad at all. Yes, I am tired some days, especially after harder days, but I look forward to each run. Running 6 days a week hasn’t been bad at all, and in fact, my shins have been hurting less than in other training bouts…did running MORE help??

The Workouts

They’ve been tough at times but I look forward to the hard days (track workouts, tempo runs, and the long run). We had an awesome tempo run yesterday which actually made me feel confident that we will be able to do way better this marathon. While I’m a little scared of the fact that the longest run we will do is 16 miles…I am trusting the plan and the science behind it. I definitely feel fitter!


We are feeling good. We have some aches and pains occasionally as is expected. I am still practicing with fueling on long runs. Currently, I’m taking half a GU every two miles with 4 oz. of water. I think I need more though, from what I read, I should take 1 GU every 25 minutes, and drink 2 oz. of water every 15-20 minutes! I will try this on my next long run. Fueling is what killed me next time so I need to do better with this.

I’ll end this with some humor 😉

Are you training for a half marathon or marathon this fall? How is your training going? Tell me, I’d love to hear about it!


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That Time I Got Advice From Lauren Fleshman and Amby Burfoot

29 Aug

Thanks to Runner’s World, I got to ask from pro runners for their advice and input…and I’m glad I did! I didn’t think they’d respond to my questions since a million other people were submitting questions but I got lucky 🙂

Here’s what I asked along with their response:

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 2.16.56 PM

I have been wondering this for a while (how elites strength train), especially because it is so hard for me to balance both. I had asked Kara Goucher this once at a meet and greet, and she also told me that they mainly focus on core. Time to start doing more abs! I know Adriana has posted about Myrtle exercises before, and I need to get on that.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 2.17.53 PM

I wanted to get input from someone about the Hansons Marathon Method plan that I have been following. I know others who are marathon training do their long runs with some miles at marathon pace, however the Hansons have long runs at easy pace…though we do speed work and tempo runs during the week too. Thanks to Amby for easing my nervousness a bit!

I’m mainly nervous about maintaining my goal pace for 26.2 miles. I don’t get how doing easy runs mainly but tempo runs at goal pace (but only up to 10 miles) will help us keep that pace…I mean I know it will, just like Amby says, it all comes together, but I’m just nervous! I shouldn’t be, since I have completed a marathon before, but I just really want to actually do well. I remember during half marathon training, I was able to keep my goal pace during segments of my long runs…I was so positive I’d be able to do that in the race…but it didn’t end up happening.

Anyways, I wanted to share these tips and advice with you all in case you can benefit from it as well!

How do you mentally prepare for a long race? How do you erase your doubts?


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Week 5 of NYC Marathon Training

5 Aug

Wow can’t believe today is the start of week 6 of training! Only 11 more weeks until NYC MARATHON!

This past week was a good week in running. There were some off days but overall a good week, and I am feeling like my legs/shins are getting accustomed to more running. There is still pain sometimes (like today) but I’ve been feeling good so far. Today is the beginning of week 6, which marks the beginning of running 6x per week as opposed to 5x. I love 2 rest days per week, so we’ll see how this goes! Here’s last week’s training




Was supposed to do 5 but did 4 and walked the last mile home. My achilles/lower calf was on fire again AND my foot fell asleep during my run? I loosened my laces but that feeling didn’t go away so I just walked home instead of forcing it. Has this ever happened to anyone?




Easy 4 miles.

This was my awesome group run I did with my local running shoe store. I highly suggest you try a group run sometime!


Easy 5 miles


6 miles.

My mom and I did this on a trail by my house that I’ve never run on for some reason, even though it’s 2 miles away. I loved it! It goes through woods, and there is a lake…very scenic. Although it’s only 2.6 miles long but we can just add on at the end. Here’s a pic from that run:


Easy 4 miles.

This was done extremely slow because I made the horrible decision to eat Chipotle for lunch. Even though I waited about 2 hours, I still felt awful during my run. I felt sluggish and heavy, and towards the end got major stomach cramps. BAD IDEA DON’T EVER DO THIS.

So that’s that. We had a track workout today which was great, though now I’m in NYC waiting for a networking event and have been walking around all day so my shins are hurting 😦 Ice and compression tonight!

I am so nervous for running 6 days this week…and it will total 39 miles!!! That is the most I have ever ran in a week. Ahhhh…

Have you ever been nervous for ramped up training? How do you avoid psyching yourself out?

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Week 2 of NYC Marathon Training

15 Jul

Week 2 is in the books! Along with increased mileage (for how little I have been running) is a little shin soreness but I have been wearing my compression socks and icing so hopefully that takes care of that!

Last week, my mom and I did 15 miles total. It was a good week which also included 2 strength training days. Still pretty easy runs (3-4 miles) so I’m A-Okay with that 🙂

We were down at the beach yesterday and decided to do our run down there as opposed to around our town. I wanted a change of scenery and figured the breeze from the water would at least cool us down a LITTLE bit (it was 90-ish and humid).

I liked running along the boardwalk and taking in the scenes along the beach. If I lived down the shore, I swear I’d run every day because I bet it is so relaxing and peaceful!

Our other runs last week were pretty routine. I’m dreading this week in terms of running because it will be record-breaking heat…noooooo. I guess I will either have to run early in the AM or run indoors (the worst).

Next week, I will be on vacation in South Carolina, but plan on getting all of my runs in regardless. I figure, I can wake up early to run since I can nap on the beach later in the day 😉

I can’t believe we will already be up to 21 miles in Week 3 of training! But I’m ready to tackle this plan and kill it in NYC.

Do you schedule your runs when you go on vacation? Or do you take a break from it all?

I will get my runs in but I can’t promise anything about not splurging on food and drinks 😉


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