Let’s Talk About Losing Weight

16 Jan

I have outlined what my 2014 fitness goals are. Some are running related, some are strength related, but there is one thing I didn’t talk about.

I want to lose weight. More specifically, I want to lose body fat.

I don’t talk about this much…for a couple of reasons.

First, I guess that as a personal trainer I feel kind of weird/embarrassed to say I want to lose weight? Perhaps this stems from my old boss who would subtly hint to me that I should lose body fat because people want to train with a really lean trainer. I didn’t want people to view me as someone who didn’t “walk the walk” I suppose.

Second, it has been hard for me to lose body fat. I have been lifting consistently for over 3 years now, and while I don’t eat 100% clean, I’d say I follow the 80/20 rule. That same boss admitted that it was weird I wasn’t losing body fat.

The last time I checked, I was at 26%. I’d love for it to be in the lower 20’s, but I just don’t know why the numbers don’t budge! I have gone to the doctor, and she basically just told me I’m healthy and shouldn’t focus on my weight. I think there is something going on internally with digestion or something, because I feel like I look pregnant all the time from being bloated. I just don’t know who to see for this!

I don’t pay much attention to the number on the scale. Last spring, I gained 10 lbs., but my body fat percentage didn’t go up, which means most likely the weight gain was muscle. Since then, I am 5 lbs. heavier, and that I do believe is fat. I haven’t gotten my percentage checked, but post-marathon I sort of let myself eat whatever I wanted 😉

I would like to lose those extra 5 lbs., and maybe a bit more though again, that’s not what I’m focusing on. I will continue to lift and eat as healthy as I can, and get my body fat percentage calculated in a month or 2.

Oh one last thing, let’s talk about Culture.

Another reason I’d like to be leaner is because this summer my family will be traveling to my native country-Paraguay. The culture is obviously very different, especially when it comes to talking about appearances. Here, it would kind of be frowned upon to point out one’s weight gain, but in Paraguay there is no holding back!

Last time we went (2 years ago), I can’t even tell you how many relatives greeted me with, “Hi Patty!! How are you?? Wow you gained some weight!” with a big smile on their face. They really see nothing wrong with pointing that out haha. Though the last time I saw them was when I was 15, so of course I gained weight!

Obviously, they’re not the sole reason I want to decrease body fat. I want to do that for me. I want to feel better about myself. But I also do not forget the great things my body can do. When I get down on myself, I remember a few things:

  • My body ran 2 marathons.
  • My body is strong, and is able to bench press, squat, etc., and gets stronger every week.
  • My body is able. Period.

Next time you get down on yourself, think of a couple of things your body has done for you, and also be appreciative of all the things you are able to do.

Ok, long rambling over. 🙂

Have you experienced a cultural difference on certain topics before?

How do you pull yourself out of a slump when you’re feeling down about yourself?


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6 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Losing Weight”

  1. fitnessmeetsfrosting January 16, 2014 at 10:42 am #

    This makes me sad, but I can definitely relate. I think I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight/body image and have never been happy with where I am/was at. That being said, I know the importance of being healthy, which I am. I think it’s better to focus on fitness, not fatness 🙂 Ugh that would be brutal to have family tell you you’ve gained weight. I know it’s a cultural difference, but it would still sting!

    • reach-yourpeak January 16, 2014 at 2:10 pm #

      I don’t think I’ve ever been completely happy either but am working on it! I agree that we should focus on fitness. And it is brutal! It sucks when someone’s like ohhh looking a little chubby! But it is the way things are there so they see nothing wrong with it at all lol

      • fitnessmeetsfrosting January 17, 2014 at 1:32 am #

        Lol it reminds me of my boyfriend’s grandmother. She’s the sweetest person but she’s rather blunt. She’s told my boyfriend’s brother that he looks like he’s balding and has told several family members, “oh my you look a little bigger.” Everyone always gasps when she says stuff like that haha.

  2. Ali K. @ Hit the Ground Running January 16, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

    This is a great attitude. I understand wanting to lose weight, especially if you legitimately have weight to safely lose, but it’s important to remember that your body is strong, capable, and an amazing machine!

  3. Stephanie January 20, 2014 at 1:15 pm #

    Hi, Patty! Stephanie/Whole Health Dork from your SITS tribe checking in. I love this post because you keep it real and tell it like it is.

    In terms of your bloating, have you tried to change up your diet and look at allergens? I had the same problem a few years ago–near constant, painful bloating that would not go away. It turns out I have gluten intolerance. I did an elimination diet (that was fun) to figure it out. Now that I’ve eliminated it from my diet, my problem is gone!

    I would also love to reduce my body fat. I’m not dissatisfied with the way I look, but in addition to getting back to running following a year of injuries, this is the one thing that sticks out to me as a place of improvement. I’ll follow along to see how it goes.

    Good luck!

    • reach-yourpeak January 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm #

      Thank you!!

      I currently am trying to reduce my dairy intake. I have switched to almond milk. I know this is partly the culprit bc when I eat cereal with milk I get sooo bloated.

      We’ll see how it goes!

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