Motivational Monday!

13 Jan

Another new week! I’m back at work today after 3 weeks off since I work at a college. As much as I love sleeping however late I want, it’ll be good to have some structure back.

Anyway, I found this motivating quote on one of my favorite runner’s Instagrams (@meretherunner14):

This really resonated with me because sometimes I worry that I’m not doing the same things others my age are doing. I am trying out some things because it is the perfect time for ME to do so. Others may not approve or understand, but I need to remember this quote when I doubt myself.

Don’t write your story according to how others are living their life. You don’t know their situation, if they are happy or not, or what their own goals are. Follow your own dreams and ignore what others may say!

Have you ever pursued something and someone else wasn’t supportive? How did you handle that situation?


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