NYC Marathon Training Week 14

7 Oct

4 more weeks!!! So close…but it needs to get here already because my body is ready for a break.

Had to skip some runs again due to my shin pain. So I’ve officially seen a physical therapist, an athletic trainer, and an acupuncturist. They think it’s adhesions (I have these weird bumps under my skin). I’m going to see a sports specialist to hopefully get an answer. I needed to run 7 miles today but that’s probably not happening. Sigh.

Here’s last week’s training:




1 mile warm up, 2×3 miles at 10 sec. faster than goal marathon pace, 1 mile in between each, 1 mile cooldown.

Felt ok…second 3 miler was uphill so pace slowed down a bit.




Supposed to be a 9 mile tempo run with 1 mile warm up and cooldown. Ended up only doing an 8 miler because of the humidity. We felt miserable. Our tempo pace needed to be 10:18 and we could barely do 10:45. Awful run.


Recovery 5 miles. Also got my first kinesio taping, which I think did help!


Easy 7 miles. Still feeling meh…


Needed to do 11 miles, but guess what…did zero. My shin pain is coming back. This SUCKS.

I don’t know what’s going on but the marathon needs to get here. I’m starting to feel blah about runs and probably because I’m just frustrated with my shin problem. Hopefully I get an answer today.

How is your training going?

Have you ever had to see a physical therapist?


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2 Responses to “NYC Marathon Training Week 14”

  1. Nora October 7, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    Shin pain ruined two of my runs this week. I iced on and off all day Saturday as well as foam rolled and I ran 12 pain free miles on Sunday. When I don’t ice, I hurt. I also think the fact I get two rest days before my long runs helps me. Ice and rest. I hope resting works for you!

  2. suzy399 October 7, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    I couldn’t live without my PT, she has gotten me through all of my training. I’ve become very dependent on her, which is bad!! But I’ve seen such a difference..been in PT for almost 8 months!!

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