NYC Marathon Training Week 13

30 Sep

First week all training plan where I had to take multiple days off and veer off from the plan 😦 It was rough but had to be done.


Was supposed to do 3×2 miles but my shin was really hurting. I went to the gym and did 3×2 miles on the bike instead. I modified the workout and did 3×20 minutes at a hard pace, 5 min rest, on the bike, and ended up biking for 23 miles.




Got in my tempo run (1 mile warm up, 9 miles at marathon goal pace, 1 mile cooldown), but whenever I stopped (once before starting and once to pick up a water bottle on the way) my left shin hurt a lot. I couldn’t put weight on it and had to massage my leg first to loosen it up. Glad I at least got to finish the workout but knew I had to take it easy after this.


Took a spin class instead of running an easy 6 miles. I wanted my legs to be ready for a long run this weekend.


Went to a PT and got my leg massaged, got ultra sound and electric stim treatmeant. PT advised me not to run until my long run.


Saturdays are the days I usually do my long runs but decided for an extra rest day and moved my run to Sunday. Went for a 1.5 mile walk instead to see how my leg felt.


Was SO nervous for this run but felt great! No pain in my leg and no pain once I stopped either which is a good sign. The inflammation went down too. We ran part of the NYC Marathon course and those bridges will definitely be killer. The most exciting part to me is that we just went by effort, and ended up doing an average pace of 10:24 per mile! Our goal pace is 10:18…it’s a good sign that our easy pace is improving.

My dad also came along for this run to give us our gels and water every 6 miles. I loved running in NYC. For all of you who live there, I’m so jealous. You can run anywhere when you have a long run day, while I have to do loops around my town!

I’m so happy that I was able to do ok with this run. As a precaution, I’m taking today as a rest day before finishing up the rest of the week’s workouts. Tomorrow I have to do 2×3 miles (hopefully).

Do you get paranoid or worried when you miss days in your marathon training plan?

Do you live in NYC? What’s your favorite place to run?


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