Week 12 of NYC Marathon Training

23 Sep

Only 41 days to go!!! As much as I have liked this training plan, and love running…I’m ready for this to be here. I am ready for a break from running so much and I want to get back into lifting!

Here’s last weeks training:


I had this weird pain in the my shin unlike anything I have felt before…so I wanted to take it easy. I felt it just walking around so I knew I shouldn’t run. My mom and I took WillPower & Grace instead (1st time). I really liked it!


This was supposed to be our scheduled rest day. But when I got home from work my dad wanted me to go for a short run with him. I ended up doing a really easy 2.5 miles and it made my shin feel a little better.


1 mile warm up, 9 miles at goal marathon pace, 1 mile cool down.

I was really nervous about this because of my shin. I had to stop for a bit at mile 2 to stretch my calves because they were on fire. I told myself, just get to 5 miles and if it sucks, call it a day, if not, keep going. Surprisingly, by mile 3 my body was warmed up and my mom and I were cruising! Our goal marathon pace is 10:18, and most of the miles here were a bit faster. Our training plan tells us to stick to paces, but this felt fine to us as we were running. I don’t own a Garmin, so we use RunKeeper on our iPhones, therefore we can’t be checking paces while we run, and don’t know our splits until the end (it only gives us average pace per mile as we are running). Overall awesome run!


Easy 5 miles. My legs were feeling it. They felt like lead. We slogged through this one.


Easy 10 miles.

Legs still felt a bit tired, but we were able to keep a consistent pace for 10 miles. Ended the last mile a bit faster.


Easy 5 miles. Ran these in the morning because I knew I’d be tailgating/going to the Rutgers football game all day. Surprisingly, my legs felt good and I was running at what is now my goal marathon pace…I don’t know how that happened! Here’s a pic from the game (that we won!)


5 miles.

I ran the 5th Avenue Mile with my parents…such a good time! My legs were feeling tired from standing at the game all day the day before, but my final time was 7:22. Hope I can break 7 min. next year! I ran 1 mile warm up, then 3 miles after for a total of 5 miles for the day. Also ran into fellow blogger Theodora from Losing Weight In The City! First time meeting a blogger in real life, hopefully I can meet more eventually! If you have the chance, definitely run this race one day! I will be posting a race recap in the coming days.

This weekend I made a dailymile account. I track my miles on my own, but figured this would be a good way to be social with other runners as well, since I’m sure my Facebook friends don’t really care as much 😉 Add me if you are on there as well!

What is your favorite race distance? I love this one mile race and wish it was more popular…short and sweet!


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2 Responses to “Week 12 of NYC Marathon Training”

  1. olivetorun September 23, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    I saw a few people I follow mention that race… sounds like a great one. Glad you had a good time and got to meet another blogger!

  2. Nora September 23, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    I had a weird pain in my shin last Monday as well. Not like a splint, more like all over pain/tightness. I ran three miles through it and it hasn’t come back thankfully. I’ll add you on dailymile!

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