Track Workout & A Tempo Run

15 Aug

This week is week 7 of NYC Marathon training. I actually thought it was week 6 until I looked at my training calendar and couldn’t believe I’m already halfway through week 7!

On Monday, I had a track workout which was pretty tough.

My mom and I needed to do a 1 mile warm up, 8×600 meters with 400 meter jog, and 1 mile cooldown. We needed to run the 600’s in 5K pace. The first 2-3 were okay…it was a little hard but we kept pace. The last half was rough. By the last 2 reps I was a few seconds off pace. It’s ok though, I know we will improve with time.

Yesterday, we had our 5 mile tempo run again (with 1 mile warm up and cool down). It was actually a little easier than last week! I felt great during last week’s run but felt even better this time. The 5 miles flew by and I accidentally went faster than goal marathon pace…oops. Each mile I tried to slow down a bit but I kept running a bit faster. Is that bad?

Afterwards we did 3 sets of bench step-ups and single leg hip raises. We haven’t lifted in a few weeks so I want to get back into it, even if it’s bodyweight stuff after runs.

Training has been going good so far. Tomorrow is our first double digit run! I can’t believe we are almost half way through training, but I’m okay with that…I just want Nov. 3 to get here.


How do you push yourself through tough workouts, especially when you want to quit? Sometimes it’s so hard!


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3 Responses to “Track Workout & A Tempo Run”

  1. Jim Hartman August 15, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    Good for you Patty, you are doing great. This is my first real training program that I am following and I am doing the workouts by myself so it is really hard but I haven’t missed a workout yet ! The morning runs are hard because I have to do them at 4:30 because I my schedule but I think I am getting used to it. It’s not easy running in the dark when there is no one around and it’s so quiet. I look forward to my long runs on Sunday, they are fun.

  2. jsresults August 18, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    NO SMILING DURING STEP UPS!! And in terms of pushing myself, I just envision what others are doing. What the people in fitness magazines would do or my competition. That normally drives me to keep going 🙂

    • reach-yourpeak August 21, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

      That’s a great way to think of motivation…I should do that more often 🙂

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