Week 6 of NYC Marathon Training

12 Aug

Another week of training DONE. This was the most running we have done in a week since marathon training in 2011. I did one day of cross training, and including that it was 33.5 miles, but not including that it is 29.5. The most we ran in 2011 in 1 week was 37 miles. This week we were actually supposed to do 39 but I wanted to ease into it because of my shins…here’s my recap!


Treadmill track workout. 12×400 meters, with 400 meter jog in between. We ran each interval at 7.0 speed, which is 8:34 pace, and jogged at 11:00 pace. We also had a 1 mile warm up and cooldown, which made it a total of 7.5 miles!




5 mile tempo run, 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cooldown.

I felt awesome during this run. I was actually really nervous for this workout but once I got in the groove I was feeling great. The tempo was supposed to be marathon goal pace (10:18), and we fluctuated a little, but Hansons say that once you do enough of these you will internalize your goal pace.


Easy 4 miles for recovery.


Ok, so I was SUPPOSED to do 8 miles. But I was up at 4 am to go see Kenny Chesney in Central Park (which was awesome by the way!!)

I got home and napped but I was still so exhausted because realistically, I only got 4 hours of sleep. I went to the treadmill and my goal was 4-5, but it was just not my day…so my mom and I just did an easy 3 miles.


8 miles at an easy pace.

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, this was an interesting run. I honestly almost threw in the towel at mile 4 because my shins were hurting a lot. So I said I will run back to my car (which would make it 5 miles) and call it a day. Once I got to 5 miles I started to feel good again, so I said ok I will run an extra mile…but then the pain completely went away somehow and I figured I might as well try for the full 8! I’m so glad I finished this race…I felt great once I finished. And I got to go out that night to celebrate my birthday with my amazing friends!

The trail I ran on. I can’t believe this is in my town and I only just discovered it.

Birthday celebration with BFFs 🙂


Was supposed to do an easy 4 miles but since my shins were hurting a lot on Saturday I really didn’t want to make it worst before going into the bulk of training. Therefore, I just stuck with 30 minutes of pool running. Pretty boring but gets the job done and keeps my shins happy!

Who else is marathon training? Or training for a race? Do you sometimes have to lower your prescribed distances due to pain or life events?


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