Week 5 of NYC Marathon Training

5 Aug

Wow can’t believe today is the start of week 6 of training! Only 11 more weeks until NYC MARATHON!

This past week was a good week in running. There were some off days but overall a good week, and I am feeling like my legs/shins are getting accustomed to more running. There is still pain sometimes (like today) but I’ve been feeling good so far. Today is the beginning of week 6, which marks the beginning of running 6x per week as opposed to 5x. I love 2 rest days per week, so we’ll see how this goes! Here’s last week’s training




Was supposed to do 5 but did 4 and walked the last mile home. My achilles/lower calf was on fire again AND my foot fell asleep during my run? I loosened my laces but that feeling didn’t go away so I just walked home instead of forcing it. Has this ever happened to anyone?




Easy 4 miles.

This was my awesome group run I did with my local running shoe store. I highly suggest you try a group run sometime!


Easy 5 miles


6 miles.

My mom and I did this on a trail by my house that I’ve never run on for some reason, even though it’s 2 miles away. I loved it! It goes through woods, and there is a lake…very scenic. Although it’s only 2.6 miles long but we can just add on at the end. Here’s a pic from that run:


Easy 4 miles.

This was done extremely slow because I made the horrible decision to eat Chipotle for lunch. Even though I waited about 2 hours, I still felt awful during my run. I felt sluggish and heavy, and towards the end got major stomach cramps. BAD IDEA DON’T EVER DO THIS.

So that’s that. We had a track workout today which was great, though now I’m in NYC waiting for a networking event and have been walking around all day so my shins are hurting 😦 Ice and compression tonight!

I am so nervous for running 6 days this week…and it will total 39 miles!!! That is the most I have ever ran in a week. Ahhhh…

Have you ever been nervous for ramped up training? How do you avoid psyching yourself out?

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