Running With A Group

3 Aug


This run was awesome.

My mom and I had 4 miles to do on Thursday. I had a job interview in a town near mine, so my mom met me there. She also wanted to stop in the local sneaker store to get new shoes. While we were there, I saw there was a group run in an hour running 4 miles. Perfect!

It was a rainy day and when we met back up for the run it was just my mom and me. Thankfully two other guys showed up.

I was a little nervous because I didn’t know if I could keep there pace but we ended up running 10 minute miles.

I seriously loved it! The group forced me to run and not slack off (like, “just go up this steep hill and you can walk for a little”). I ran the whole way and had conversation to pass the time as well.

I’ve wanted to run with groups in the past but get afraid of keeping the pace or being the last one, but I think I will have to try this again! 4 miles flew by.

Do you run with a group or mainly solo? I’m lucky I have at least my mom to run with me regularly,otherwise I don’t know how I’d entertain myself!


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