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Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

31 Jul

I feel like it’s been a while since I did one of these, but here are some great finds I found on the internet!

Here are your health links for today:

Do you drink packaged juices like Naked Juice? I picked one up once and was astounded by how much sugar it had!


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Motivational Monday!

29 Jul

I’m back! Last week was so nice and relaxing on the beaches of Myrtle Beach…now I’m heading back to work 😦

But after a week of splurging (though I did run every day), I’m ready to get back into it. I feel bloated and probably gained 5 lbs! I need to re-focus, even though it’s hard when now my body has a crazy sweet tooth after last week.

I thought this quote was relevant:

The past few weeks I have kept wishing I didn’t gain a bit of weight, and that I could easily lose it. But I haven’t done my due diligence to really work hard to get back to where I was. This week I will start doing. Seriously, why is it so easy to gain weight or lose fitness, but hard to lose weight/gain fitness???

How do you motivate yourself after a vacation? How do you get back on track?

***Also, don’t forget to enter my contest to win 1 free month of online coaching with my running coach Marc. Click here for how to enter!


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Training With A Running Coach

25 Jul

As you may know, I’m currently away on vacation…but I really wanted to get this post in and share some great information and opportunities with you. Plus, it goes along with my running theme of the past few days 🙂

I got this idea from Cori (, when she wrote about her running coach. I started thinking about my experiences with my running coach, and how it could benefit others, especially my readers!

I worked with Marc for about 3 years, and he helped me train for many races, ranging from 5K to the marathon. Not only did he write me training plans, he also provided daily support and race day plans/support. It was great having someone map out your training for you, but also great to know you could ask him questions at any time, or tweet at him and get feedback and encouragement.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 9.53.37 AM

I’m going to turn it over to Marc now, so he can talk more about the coaching process and it’s benefits. The only reason I’m not still with him is financial reasons (hey, just graduated from grad school and am trying to start my own business AND pay student loans!) If I was able to I would certainly still be training with him 🙂

Here’s what Marc has to say:

Hi everyone!  First I have to thank Patty for allowing me to help run this contest.  I’m Marc and I blog and coach via

At TrainWithMarc, I’ve made it my mission to help runners of all abilities get the most out of the running they do.  Whether you are a brand new runner looking for your first race or you’re trying to BQ, I create a training plan that takes into account your running history, running goals, and “life-commitments”.  I tailor a plan that specifically fits YOU.  No two plans are alike; because no two runners are alike.  I take pride in seeing my online runners set PR after PR and that’s what drives me to be the best coach I can be.  

I look forward to working with Patty’s readers.  I am excited to begin working with the winner of the contest – and helping them reach their full potential as a runner.  If you aren’t the winner, don’t cry!  You can still contact me and we can discuss training plans for your upcoming races as well.

Here’s an opportunity for all of you to work with a running coach. Marc has generously offered to give one runner 1 free month of coaching! That’s an awesome deal…and if you like it you can continue working with him!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Doing the above counts as 1 entry. I will chose a winner on August 1…you have 1 week! 🙂

For more information about TrainWithMarc, Coach Marc, or his services visit him at or find him on


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Guest Post: Training For Races

24 Jul

I have another great guest post today from Alyssa, who blogs over at See This Girl Run. She is currently training for a marathon, and has a lot of great tips for you, whether you’re training for a 5k or a marathon! I’ll pass it over to her now 🙂

Hello everyone! My name is Alyssa (a-lee-sa) and I blog over at See This Girl Run. Just as a brief intro, I first started running my 8th grade year with the high school cross country team and ran my 8th, 10th and 11th grade years. I then ran here and there all throughout college but was never very serious about it. This was very evident in my Freshman 10 hanging around for all four years 😉 However, I’ve always loved health and fitness. I even majored in Exercise Science! It’s just something I’ve always had a passion for! My senior year of college I signed up for my first half marathon and I was hooked! I have since run 4 half marathons, one 15k and am currently training for my first full marathon. It’s safe to say I love running!
As I’ve trained for all my of my different races, including my upcoming marathon, there’s been a few things I’ve learned that may help you as you train for your next event.
1) Find and use a training plan
Whether it’s one that you create yourself or one that you find online or in a book, use a training plan! I know that this helps me to know what’s coming up for me as far as workouts and they push me harder than I would probably push myself. I also like to find ones that help me to incorporate a variety of workouts (ie. speed work, long runs, easy/recovery runs, strength training and cross training). One site that I would highly recommend is There you can find a lot of different training plans based on the length of the event and your ability level. I used one of their plans for my last half marathon and was able to PR.
For my marathon, I’m currently combining a couple of different things. I’m using a running plan from “Run Less, Run Faster” by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss for my weekday runs (awesome book! I highly recommend it) and Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp for my strength training. I’m then doing my long runs on Saturday. So far I’m up to 15 miles and boy oh boy that was far! Good thing I still have 8 weeks to build up my mileage. 🙂
2) Don’t chaffe
Full disclosure, I have had issues with chaffing to the point of bleeding on nearly every run I went on, regardless of the distance. So I know from experience that something as silly as chaffing can totally ruin your workout because all you can think about is the pain every time you rub your skin. Discovering anti-chaffing “Body Glide” has been the biggest life saver! Especially if you’re going to be going farther distances, I HIGHLY recommend getting “Body Glide”. It’s worth every little penny.
3) Track your distance/pace
Find a way to track your distance and pace! For me, this is one of my biggest motivators to improving throughout my run. It helps me know if I need to pick it up or if I’m going to fast (this happens!). I am currently using my Garmin 10 and I absolutely love it. Plus I got it in purple. So cute!
In the past, I’ve also used the “Map My Run” app, which worked wonderfully. Plus, it’s free!! How much better does it get than that?! I’ve also heard really good things about the Nike app from quite a few friends. But regardless of what you use, I guarantee it will be a huge tool in your training and as you try to improve.
4) Learn How to Fuel
Before, during and after training runs and your race! This will make all the difference in how you feel on your run! Remember that as you increase your training, you should be increasing your caloric intake (in a healthy way). Your body is putting forth more effort and you need to give it the fuel to perform at that higher level!
Before your run, you should be eating a simple carb such as a banana or a piece of bread. These break down quickly and will give you quick energy.
During the run, there are so many different options for fueling! My personal favorite is Shot Blocks. They’re easy to eat while you’re running and don’t have a gross consistency, like goos. The fruity taste can sometimes be a little much while I’m running but it’s much better than anything I’ve tried so far. I can also tell a difference in my energy level within minutes of eating a block. These little things have gotten me through many, many miles.
After your run, you need to eat a protein. When you exercise, your muscles are broken down and literally torn. That’s why you’re sore. You have torn muscles! By being torn and built back up, they become stronger. As you eat protein after a workout, it will assist your muscle to be built up that much stronger, therefore making the most of all that hard work you just put in to your run.
Yes, that required all caps. I can’t emphasize enough, especially with this hot summer weather, how important it is to properly hydrate! According to Jillian Michaels, you should be drinking enough water that your pee looks like lemonade. If it looks like apple juice, you’re definitely not drinking enough. Graphic? Sorry. But it’s true. Drink your water! Get a water bottle that you can take with you throughout the day to work, class, wherever you’re going so that you can constantly drink throughout the day. Your body is 50-65% water, so if you want it to function properly, it needs to be well hydrated!
I hope those 5 tips will help you as you train for your next event. Even if you’re a seasoned runner, these are always good reminders!

Remember to listen to your body (sneaky tip #6). I know you’ll do great! Be careful out there, take care of yourself and good luck with your training!

Follow Alyssa’s blog here or like her Facebook page for post updates. Thanks for reading and I hope you have some new bloggers to follow now! 🙂

Guest Post: Running & Motivation

23 Jul

Hi everyone! Today I have a great post by Justin from Always Running Forward.

Sometimes you just don’t have the motivation for a run…let alone a long run during marathon training. Here are some great tips from Justin!

Running & Motivation

Running isn’t easy. You really have to want it to succeed. Running requires a lot of self-discipline, sacrifice and effort to make it work. And, even after you think you’ve found the perfect approach, running will turn 180 degrees and kick you in the face. Sometimes, it’s too much to handle and you just want to throw in the towel, and that’s when you need a good support system. In this sport of self-inflicted torture sometimes you need someone there to pick you up and get you back on track. This can be a family member, a coach, or even other runners who share in the same experiences (I believe the running community is a great example of how camaraderie is prevalent, even in the face of competition). After all, we runners don’t race each other, we race ourselves.

But, what if you are on Mile 18 of a marathon and there’s no support group? What if you are on a long training run, miles from home, and suddenly lost all motivation to continue? What if it’s 5 in the morning and it’s raining? There won’t always be a shoulder to lean on. That’s when we runners need to dig deep and find the motivation within ourselves to forge ahead. Sometimes, it may be a happy thought that gets you through the extra miles, and other times (from what I’ve heard are most effective) are mantras or key messages runners say to themselves to keep going. Finding motivation may be easier for some than others (I sometimes have trouble with it). But, I found some examples of what runners use to keep them going and wanted to share their inspiration through the perspiration.

Here are a few examples. See if they are similar to your methods. If not, what do you do to keep yourself motivated?

Breaking Up the Miles: Especially during longer races, breaking up the race into more manageable pieces may help to keep you motivated during the race. Do the math. If it’s a marathon, I like to break it into two half marathons with the first leg being a slow, methodical half marathon.

Run 1 Mile at a Time: Don’t think about the miles you ran, think about the mile you are running. Put yourself in the now by enjoying your current mile.

Focus On an Object in the Distance: Say to yourself, “If I can just get to that point…” Doing that will get you to focus on the race and not dwell on the mileage number. Refresh every time you get to that point. This is particularly easy for Disney races.

Find Something to Tell Yourself that You Believe In. Don’t say, “If I finish this marathon, the Cubs will win the World Series.” First of all, that’s not personal to your effort. Second, it’s just unbelievable. Instead, say to yourself “This race is mine,” or “I’ve got this.”
Some others:
· “I’m ready for this.”
· “This race won’t beat me.”
· “Another mile down.”
· “Focus.”
· “Speed. I am pure speed” (My personal go-to)
At the very heart of it, motivation needs to be personal to you. You can have all the support in the world, but at the end of the day it’s you logging in the miles and not every mile is going to be sunshine and roses. Hopefully, finding a way to make it just a little bit easier through positive affirmation or race day tricks to manage distance will get you through that next run. See you on the course!

Read more from Justin on his blog!

Week 3 of NYC Marathon Training

22 Jul

Can’t believe week 3 has come and gone! My mom and I completed 21 miles this week, which is crazy because at the height of our Brooklyn Half training we were at a high of 23-25 miles per week. So we will definitely be doing a lot more running, clearly, for this marathon cycle.

I just really hope my shins cooperate and allow me to run more than I have in the past!

Which is why I have been wearing PRO Compression socks on my runs, and my 110% Compression socks for recovery and during sleep.

I have a little bit of shin pain sometimes, especially after today’s 4 miler, they were really throbbing. But I will try to stretch and be diligent with the exercises I need to do. Here’s what we did this week:




4 miles. We decided to do this on the treadmill because it was feeling like over 100 degrees outside. I hate treadmill running but in order to make it go by faster I like doing hill intervals, like this.




5 miles. We did this outside but on shaded back roads. My sister was house sitting, so we had a pool we could cool off in. We mapped out 2.5 miles and did an out and back. Jumping in a pool post-run is awesome!


4 miles


4 miles (before leaving for South Carolina!)


4 miles on an out and back around where we are staying in Myrtle Beach. I loved running in temperature that is a bit cooler and with less humidity…and a nice ocean breeze! I averaged 1 minute per mile faster than I have been usually in the crazy heat. But my shins were hurting so thank goodness I have an off day today. I found a golf course and ran about a half mile on this…reminded me of the good ol’ cross country days! Will have to go back and run here again.

For the rest of the week, I will be on vacation in Myrtle Beach, so I apologize for the lack of posts or tweets this week, but I have some guest posts coming up hopefully 🙂

Time to enjoy the beach and relax!

Do you make sure to get your training in on vacation? What’s your favorite way to relax?

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Thursday Workout Challenge

18 Jul

Up for a challenge? Or want to escape the outdoor heat and just work out in your living room? Here is a workout for you!

Once you warm up for 5-10 minutes, complete 5 rounds of these exercises for time. Simply go down the list and then start over. If you need a break, feel free to take a break. At the end, write down your time so that the next time you do it you can compare and see your improvements.

You can add on cardio to the beginning or end of this workout too if you’re feeling up to it 😉


How have you been beating the heat? Let me know if you try this workout!

Week 2 of NYC Marathon Training

15 Jul

Week 2 is in the books! Along with increased mileage (for how little I have been running) is a little shin soreness but I have been wearing my compression socks and icing so hopefully that takes care of that!

Last week, my mom and I did 15 miles total. It was a good week which also included 2 strength training days. Still pretty easy runs (3-4 miles) so I’m A-Okay with that 🙂

We were down at the beach yesterday and decided to do our run down there as opposed to around our town. I wanted a change of scenery and figured the breeze from the water would at least cool us down a LITTLE bit (it was 90-ish and humid).

I liked running along the boardwalk and taking in the scenes along the beach. If I lived down the shore, I swear I’d run every day because I bet it is so relaxing and peaceful!

Our other runs last week were pretty routine. I’m dreading this week in terms of running because it will be record-breaking heat…noooooo. I guess I will either have to run early in the AM or run indoors (the worst).

Next week, I will be on vacation in South Carolina, but plan on getting all of my runs in regardless. I figure, I can wake up early to run since I can nap on the beach later in the day 😉

I can’t believe we will already be up to 21 miles in Week 3 of training! But I’m ready to tackle this plan and kill it in NYC.

Do you schedule your runs when you go on vacation? Or do you take a break from it all?

I will get my runs in but I can’t promise anything about not splurging on food and drinks 😉


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Motivational Monday!

15 Jul

It will be the hottest week of summer this week in NJ. Ughhhh. Guess that means I will have to either run in the morning or take my run indoors.

I’m starting Week 3 of Marathon training this week…whoa! I have been on point with workouts and have done each day as I should…hopefully I can keep this up when I go on vacation next week! Going along with this, I thought this was a relevant quote:


I will try to keep rest days when they are scheduled, and not make excuses! Sometimes it gets hard but so far I’m keeping up with it. Only 15 more weeks to go! 😛

Do you schedule rest days, or just go with the flow of life?


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Printable Workout!

11 Jul

Here is one of my “cardio/strength/HIIT” workouts I did a few weeks ago which is killer! I wanted to share it with you all but also have a place where you can write down the weight you used, and reps you did. That way you can compare your numbers when you do it again!

You do each chunk of exercises for 3 sets before moving onto the next group. Each exercise is done for 1 minute, as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. If you need to take a break in that 1 minute time frame, you can do so…because proper form is KEY.

In between each exercises I took 45 seconds of rest, before moving onto the next minute of work. In between each chunk I took 1 minute to 1:30 of rest.

This is a killer workout that will get your heart rate up and work those muscles too! Let me know if you decide to try it!


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