Marathon Training Starts in 1 Week!

21 Jun

And I am so nervous!!

I started laying out my training plan last night and was getting excited. I should probably get in a few runs this week…

Also, my mom and I will be canning starting tomorrow at our local grocery store. We did a lot of this in 2011 to fundraise for Team Reeve, and this time around we are doing it for Team DetermiNation of the American Cancer Society!


For the most part, people are very generous…sometimes you get some crazy people who just like to get angry for no reason.

I’m incredibly nervous for marathon training to begin because I will be trying to run 6 days a week. At least for the first 5 weeks, I get 2 off days per week, which will be nice because one of those weeks I will be in Myrtle Beach!

How many days do you usually train for a marathon?

Anyone else running the New York City Marathon?

I’m so pumped and excited for this race, and really, REALLY hope that it will be better than 2011. I love that my mom is doing it with me and that we can share this experience together, from fundraising, to training, to actually running the race!

If you would like to make a donation to our team, please do so here! We greatly appreciate any amount, large or small! Our fundraising goal is $3,000 🙂

Thank you everyone and happy 1st day of summer!!! (and happy Friday!!!)


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2 Responses to “Marathon Training Starts in 1 Week!”

  1. Victoria June 21, 2013 at 3:33 pm #

    Good luck!

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