Thoughts and Prayers for Boston

15 Apr

I seriously am in shock. I have been watching this on the news non-stop. I was out when a friend texted me asking me if I heard there were explosions at the finish. I was like, WHAT??? I immediately started googling on my phone and could not believe what I was reading, and later on seeing on the TV.

As a runner, I just feel for these people. They were just out there running a marathon…maybe their first marathon? The Boston Marathon. Marathons are days filled with joy, excitement, nerves…not this. Spectators are there to cheer on their loved ones, and see them accomplish a goal they have trained months for. Even I was super excited to watch the marathon on an internet live-feed today.

I really don’t know what else to say. It brought tears to my eyes.

I really hope they find the person who did this. This is absolutely disgusting. I just cannot imagine what those people went through, and are going through…whether they were there when it happened, further away but heard it, or runners who were way back but had to be diverted and told what just occurred to their fellow runners and spectators miles down the road.

I don’t know…I just can’t believe it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Boston.


One Response to “Thoughts and Prayers for Boston”

  1. seethisgirlrun April 15, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    I hope they find them too. This is just so awful. Definitely praying for those affected.

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