So Frustrated!

10 Apr

Yet again, I couldn’t complete my long run yesterday. I was supposed to do 12 and only did 4 miles. Usually, the reason this will happen is because of shin pain, but the past few days it’s been something different.

Right when I start running, the area in my lower calf/achilles area starts burning (feels like lactic acid buildup?). I have to stop and stretch to “release” it but it comes back immediately once I start running. It gets really tight. This has been happening the past few runs and I have no idea why. I made an appointment to see a sports medicine doctor here at Rutgers next week.

I was going to try to run 10 miles today but my running coach thinks it’s better to skip a long run again this week and run shorter distances. Now it just sucks because I will have 2 weeks of no long run, and need to do 11 miles next week. I’ve still kept my mileage up so I think that I should be ok next week.

Has anyone experienced this before?? It is seriously the most frustrating and annoying thing I have dealt with. At least with shin pain it’s a dull pain and I could run anyway. With this I had to stop and walk multiple times just to complete 4 miles.


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One Response to “So Frustrated!”

  1. Jim Hartman April 10, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    Patty, I’ve experienced this last summer after running on the beach for a couple of days. I was worried because I thought I damaged my achilles. I think it had something to due with running on sand because it never happened before that or since. Anyway, I just gave it rest, didn’t run for a week or two and it just went away. You might be doing to much or maybe tweaked it. I would rest it for a while even if it means missing runs. Better to miss them now as it’s still a way out from the ING.

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