Motivational Monday!

8 Apr

Thank goodness it’s a new week…last week was crazy stressful. We had presentations which determined if we graduate or not…thankfully I passed…so I’ll officially be getting my Master’s degree in May! =)

So, I found this one on Pinterest and immediately loved it. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life recently, and I love the message in this quote:

What a great piece of advice! Don’t take each day for granted…reflect on the good, and what you are lucky to have…and live each day with passion and vigor! Recently, I’ve been letting my goals and dreams stress me out…instead, I’m going to move forward and let my goals and dreams get me excited for what the future holds.

What do you think of this quote??


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2 Responses to “Motivational Monday!”

  1. Jim April 8, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    I like the quote and I always love your words of inspiration ! You have such a positive outlook on things which is very important. Congrats on the Master’s Degree ! Nice job

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