10 Mile Run Recap

27 Mar

Yesterday was my first double-digit run in a year and a half! Crazy! Of course, as usual, I was really nervous before the run. My shin had been bothering me for a few days, and my soleus muscle was sore from massaging it. I was crossing my fingers I wouldn’t have to turn back early.

Our route was an out and back route on a trail along the Raritan River here in NJ. I didn’t snap a pic this time, but here is one from a fall run…the trail is beautiful and surrounded by water on both sides!

We did 4 miles out, and 4 miles back on the trail, then finished with two miles around Rutgers. Mentally I just felt like this was easier than 5 miles out and 5 miles back haha.

I felt amazing after this run.

I have never felt like this after a long run before. I felt like I could keep going! My mom and I also ran the second half faster than the first half (whaddup negative splits?). We were averaging 10:38ish in the beginning (I wanted to go slow because of my shin), and ended the run with an average of 10:25!

I think a few factors played into this successful run.

Usually I fuel at 45 minutes with a gel and water. This time, I decided to take in a little bit of fuel every 1 mile (or 10ish minutes). I decided to try this after seeing Neon Blonde Runner’s post with this handy dandy fuel calculator! Click on exercise, input your info, and it tells you how much to take in per 10 minute increments.

I felt energize throughout my entire run. Usually by the end I fade, and I fade hard. I think it’s because I’m a heavy sweater. So with the combo of fueling every mile a tiny bit, and hydrating with water and NUUN, I was able to have a great run.

I really, really want to break my half marathon PR of 2:05…and I really would like to hit 2:00 or even 1:59! I know it’s lofty, and my coach is telling me to aim for 9:50 half marathon goal pace, but I am ready to push that pace…sorry Marc, I have to try! 😉

This last month is time to grind. I am going to be more serious about my cross-training, hill intervals, and lifting in order to get stronger. We’ll see what happens on race day!

I also wanted to share with you all some tips on how to get through a long run…sometimes the motivation isn’t there, or mentally it just seems like a daunting task! Here’s how I get through it:


1. Find a running buddy…or just a buddy in general – I run most of my runs with my mom, so that really helps the time go by. Run with another runner, or find a running group to train with who has runners that go your pace. Or if you don’t have any runner friends, have someone bike along side of you. I’ve had my brother ride his bike next to me on long runs before (and blast music from his phone lol).

2. Make a new playlist – This is a typical tip. I love downloading new music and making new playlists. They always get me excited to go for a run, and they definitely help pass the time. You can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks if that’s more your thing.

3. Take a new route – In order to spice things up, sometimes I drive to trails in my area because my usual routes bore me. Running somewhere new and scenic can help you pass the time. Google local trails and parks near you to try something new.

4. Do a smaller out and back route – I did 4 miles out, 4 miles back, then added on closer to my starting point. When the distance seems mentally daunting, this may help you, since you’ll be closer to home and adding on 1-2 miles…it makes it seem like less to me!

5. Do multiple, smaller out and back routes – When I had to do 18 miles during marathon training, I remember not having a route around me that I really wanted to do. I knew I’d be bored. So instead I did 3 miles out, 3 miles back to my house, fueled, then repeated that 2 more times. You can change increments to 2 miles out and back, 4 miles out and back…whatever helps you mentally! It’s all about playing tricks on your mind 😉

What do you do to pass the time on long runs? How do you fuel?


3 Responses to “10 Mile Run Recap”

  1. Jim Hartman March 27, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    Great job! Sounds like you had a fun productive run. I usually wear a belt on my long runs with two small bottles on it. I also eat a lot off pasta the night before. To pass time I need my tunes. I am always updating my playlist to change things up.

  2. Erica March 28, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    This was my favorite spot at Rutgers, well after queens : )
    Thanks for the memories! Great Job girl!

    • reach-yourpeak March 28, 2013 at 8:20 am #

      Haha oh Queens….thanks Erica!! We should plan a run together soon to catch up!

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