Motivational Monday!

18 Mar

Sorry for the late post, but I’m on spring break so I spent the morning relaxing and catching up on Pretty Little Liars with my sister 🙂

This morning, I read this post by Ericka from The Sweet Life and was so motivated and inspired. She talked about how her sister ran a 3:13 marathon this past weekend (I wish!) and the training that went into it. I was reading her sister’s blog as well and just am feeling so motivated to get serious about my training. She talks about her tempo runs, 14 mile progression runs, etc. and I’m like, I’m scared of my 4 mile tempo run this week at half-marathon pace!

I realized that I’m scared of pushing the pace in workouts because I’m afraid of not being able to do it, or of getting too tired and having to walk. I need to get to a place where I know it will be tough but I will push through it and not just give up and walk.

Which is why I love this quote:

I need to remember this on my next tough run. We should all get comfortable being uncomfortable at some point. I need to put my fear of failing and excuses behind me and just do it. I’ve been nervous for this 4 mile tempo run since last week! But I will go into it with a strong attitude, not a weak one.

Do you step outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals?


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