Motivational Monday!

25 Feb

Yesterday I watched Miracle with my sister…one of my favorite sports movies. It is so inspiring and motivating. It’s about pursuing your dreams, even when others, and even yourself think they are impossible. I found this quote which went along with this theme:

No matter what your dreams are, believe in them. Even if others don’t get them, or think it’s unrealistic, believe in yourself. Recently, I’ve been “dreaming” about this year in terms of my long distance running. I want, more than anything, to break my PRs in the half marathon and marathon. Mainly, I want to come back with a vengeance and take on New York City after a lackluster performance in 2011. These are my dreams. Sometimes others think I’m crazy, or tell me to stop running because of my shins, or tell me it won’t be possible because of my shin issues…but I believe in my dreams and goals. I have a good feeling 2013 will be a good year =)

What are your dreams for 2013? Do you “believe?”


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