How My Own Training Is Going

17 Jan

Currently, I am laying in my bed, procrastinating working on a paper that is due on Tuesday. I’m also pretty beat from my strength training workout today!

I typically lift 3 times a week, and just started a new program on Monday. For the next 3 weeks, I will be doing total body workouts that are in the 8-10 rep range. In the previous cycle, I was doing 12-15 reps (which is killer…try doing 15 reps of step-ups!).

Here are the exercises I did today:


I did 3 sets of everything, for 10 reps. Missing are the ab exercises I did. My new favorite (well it was always my favorite but I just started doing them again) are TRX pikes.

I also got to rock my new spandex today. I got these for 5 bucks at Old Navy! The material is just as soft as any Nike spandex I own. I highly recommend you check out Old Navy’s fitness gear.


This week I also got back to a regular running schedule. I started running again 2 weeks ago but only a few miles a week. I was sick for about a week so that hindered things. But now I am ready to delve in to half marathon training! I found one in April in Ocean City, Maryland which looks great. I haven’t done a half marathon since 2011! My goal is to finish in 2:00. Sub-2 would also be awesome.

I think if I can stay consistent with lifting, running and most importantly core work which I always tend to neglect, I can become a faster runner this year. And with the help of my running coach Marc of course! I also will be co-teaching a half-marathon training class starting Jan. 29, and there are some faster runners in there, so I hope to get my body used to running a little bit faster =)

What are your fitness goals in the next few months? Anyone else training for a spring half marathon?


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