Small Group Training = Major Soreness

5 Jan

My strength training workouts are full-body, 3x a week, and each move is done slow and meticulously. So doing a small group training class that is more endurance based and fast-paced was definitely a shock to my body! Which is why every major muscle is sore today…but I love it!

I took the class with my friend’s personal trainer, who has his facility, Briggs Fitness, in Central Jersey. If you live in this area I highly suggest you check it out! Jared, the trainer, does one-on-one sessions as well as group training sessions such as this one. He is also starting an abs class this month for only $5 a session!

What Did The Class Entail?

The class started with 2 rounds of different exercise stations. We had to do each exercise for 1 minute and count our reps. Some of the exercises were decline medicine ball crunches (these were killer for me, I NEED to work on core strength more), box jumps, cable squat to row, and more.

Once those 2 rounds were up, we moved into 4 continuous rounds of various exercises, but doing them for 10 reps each. At this point you're fatigued, so doing exercises for as many reps as possible will be incredibly hard and your form will probably suffer, which is why just doing 10 reps works well. These exercises included overhead dumbbell squat, shoulder presses, TRX pikes, and others.

We finished the session with some core exercises. I was dripping in sweat after the first round…it was hard!

Would I Do It Again?

I’m thinking incorporating one day a week of strength endurance work may help my running and just be a change for my body since I do more traditional strength training. Unfortunately I can’t attend this class weekly because of my schedule, but I do plan on making it back eventually! I also do want to try the abs class because clearly my core is weak.

At the end he totaled our reps from the beginning and I got 3rd out of 5! Would have liked to do better, considering I’m a personal trainer too (how embarrassing! haha) but not too shabby. My body is definitely feeling it today.

Do you do faster paced strength training workouts, such as bootcamps, group training sessions, Crossfit, etc?


One Response to “Small Group Training = Major Soreness”

  1. jsresults January 5, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    I perform a crossfit at the end of my strength training routine 3 out of 6 days of the week 🙂 I’m a hybrid

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