Top 5 health/fitness moments of 2012

30 Dec

Today is the second to last day of 2012! For the last 3 days, I am recapping some special moments of 2012, and writing a 2013 resolution post (stay tuned tomorrow). Yesterday’s post covered my year in running.

Having 2012 off from half marathon and marathon training meant I could focus more on strength training again. I accomplished some stuff that have been my goals for months, if not years! Here are my top moments, in descending order:

5. 5th Avenue Mile – I talked about this in yesterday’s post as well, but it really was an awesome race (recap here)! It was a blast, and I ran my fastest mile time in years!


4. Going for a run in San Francisco, California during a New Jersey heat wave –Β  Seriously, can I move to Cali yet? Running there was PERFECT. Perfect temperature, beautiful scenery…and I got to brag about this while others in NJ were sweating out 100+ degree weather =D

3. Hit my bench press PR – Ok so 60 lbs. may not be a lot for some of you, but that was a huge deal to me! I remember in high school being made fun of for not being able to lift just the barbell (45 lbs). Even when I started personal training by boss was not impressed with my inability to bench press solely the bar (yikes). While I can’t do this anymore because I stopped focusing on benching, this was a big moment and I hope to break this PR in 2013!

2. Setting my 5K PR – I was not expecting this PR at all back in April when I ran Miles for Matheny. I almost didn’t run because it was pouring but my coach asked me if I would melt in the rain? Ha! So I went, and I’m glad I did. It was a hilly course so I didn’t expect to set a PR but when I saw the clock I was ecstatic. Plus, I also got 1st in my age group!

1. Being able to do a full, unassisted pull up!!! I have wanted to do this since high school, and never thought it would be possible. It took me over a year of assisted pullups with bands, negative pullups, and working on my biceps strength but I was finally able to do it! It felt so good, and the highest reps I got to was 3. I haven’t been working on this much recently so I am back to only doing 1 but if one day I can crank out 10 no problem I will be happy.

What were your top moments in 2012? What are you striving for in 2013? I will post my 2013 goals and resolutions tomorrow!



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