17 Dec

Heartbroken over the news that unfolded this weekend. I literally cannot comprehend how someone went into a school and killed 20 children. When their faces begin to emerge on the news and social media, it just brought tears to my eyes. Such beautiful young children…their lives taken away way too soon. The story of Victoria Soto who gave her life for her students is incredible. A true hero. I cannot begin to imagine how their loved ones must feel. Everything is just beyond words.

I’m not sure if this is a question of gun control, mental health issues, or what….all I know is that we cannot let this happen. Ever again. But the sad truth is, it probably will. And that is sickening.

There is no Motivational Monday post today. All I ask is that you send your thoughts and prayers to those affected by this horrible tragedy, and read the stories of the victims and heroes of that day. Let us not focus on the shooter and his story. Let’s not perpetuate his name and give him what it is he wanted…fame.

Instead, let’s remember the names of those 20 children, and the teacher’s and professionals who’s lives were senselessly taken.


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