Got shin splints?

5 Dec

I have written about shin splits in the past. But you can’t ever have enough information on this annoying and nagging injury.

I have shin splints and feel like I will forever due to my really flat feet. Even with orthotics it’s still an issue!

I found this link/video on Runner’s World that provides great information. It’s 8 minutes but if you have time watch it! It goes over the different types of shin issues, diagnosing, remedying, and strengthening. Here are some tips I took away:

  • If you have weak hips, your posterior chain will be all out of walk/misaligned, which can lead to shin splints. You all know I’m a personal trainer, so I’m a huge proponent of strength training. Make sure you are doing squats, deadlifts, and single leg work! He even mentioned one of my favorite lower body exercises (featured in my How-To Series): Split Squats.
  • Foam roll!
  • Ice, ice, ice. If I had access to a whirlpool like I did during my high school XC days, I would ice bath all the time.
  • Take anti-inflammatories

Do any of you have shin splints/shin pain? Isn’t it the worst? After my last race this weekend, I’m taking a month off and will focus on cross-training and lifting to give me shins a break.



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