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Forgot a top moment of 2012…my first mud run!

31 Dec

I can’t believe I forgot to write about that. I was actually just reminded as I read Ericka’s top 5 running moments on her blog.

I did my first mud run this past summer…the Rugged Maniac 5K. I ran with a group of college friends and it was a blast!

I’m 5578

I was initially really nervous about all the obstacles, but I got through all of them except one and had a lot of fun doing them all. I guess I was delusional that day because I thought we would finish in 30 minutes. Ha! We finished in about 50 minutes, which was fine by us. We were so tired by the end…talk about a full body workout!

Definitely my favorite obstacle.

If you have yet to do a mud run, I highly suggest it! It is so fun getting muddy and dirty, and you feel so badass going over all the obstacles. I definitely want to do another mud run in 2013, but I guess it will depend on marathon training. Our group will be doing this race again so hopefully I can join them!

On the end, on the right. So muddy and loving it!

Top 5 health/fitness moments of 2012

30 Dec

Today is the second to last day of 2012! For the last 3 days, I am recapping some special moments of 2012, and writing a 2013 resolution post (stay tuned tomorrow). Yesterday’s post covered my year in running.

Having 2012 off from half marathon and marathon training meant I could focus more on strength training again. I accomplished some stuff that have been my goals for months, if not years! Here are my top moments, in descending order:

5. 5th Avenue Mile – I talked about this in yesterday’s post as well, but it really was an awesome race (recap here)! It was a blast, and I ran my fastest mile time in years!


4. Going for a run in San Francisco, California during a New Jersey heat wave –  Seriously, can I move to Cali yet? Running there was PERFECT. Perfect temperature, beautiful scenery…and I got to brag about this while others in NJ were sweating out 100+ degree weather =D

3. Hit my bench press PR – Ok so 60 lbs. may not be a lot for some of you, but that was a huge deal to me! I remember in high school being made fun of for not being able to lift just the barbell (45 lbs). Even when I started personal training by boss was not impressed with my inability to bench press solely the bar (yikes). While I can’t do this anymore because I stopped focusing on benching, this was a big moment and I hope to break this PR in 2013!

2. Setting my 5K PR – I was not expecting this PR at all back in April when I ran Miles for Matheny. I almost didn’t run because it was pouring but my coach asked me if I would melt in the rain? Ha! So I went, and I’m glad I did. It was a hilly course so I didn’t expect to set a PR but when I saw the clock I was ecstatic. Plus, I also got 1st in my age group!

1. Being able to do a full, unassisted pull up!!! I have wanted to do this since high school, and never thought it would be possible. It took me over a year of assisted pullups with bands, negative pullups, and working on my biceps strength but I was finally able to do it! It felt so good, and the highest reps I got to was 3. I haven’t been working on this much recently so I am back to only doing 1 but if one day I can crank out 10 no problem I will be happy.

What were your top moments in 2012? What are you striving for in 2013? I will post my 2013 goals and resolutions tomorrow!


2012 in Running!

29 Dec

This is a fun post inspired by Theodora at Losing Weight in the City. It’s a great way to recap 2012 and relive some running moments I may have forgotten about. Here we go:

1. Best Race Experience: I loved all of the NYRR races this past year (me and my mom’s first year with NYRR). But my favorite was definitely the 5th Avenue Mile. I had an awesome race, it was so thrilling running 1 mile down 5th Ave, and I chatted with Kara Goucher and Jenny Simpson.

runners high

So excited to chat with Kara!

So excited to chat with Kara!

Me with Jenny Simpson

Me with Jenny Simpson

2. Best Run: I can’t pinpoint one specific training run that I loved, but I know that running in the fall was my favorite time. This year especially because I wasn’t marathon training in the fall. I was able to really enjoy my fall runs without worrying about distance and pace. Who doesn’t love fall scenic runs like this?

3. Best piece of new gear: Nike capri pants. I always said I’d never wear capri spandex to run or the gym. I thought it’d be too hot, so I always wore shorts. Now I love capris!

4. Best piece of running advice: Hmmm, I will go with my running coach Marc. He pushes me to work hard and not make excuses. I’ve been training him with 2 years now, crazy! Whether it’s advice about pacing, races, shin splints/injuries…he is always responsive and helps me out.

5. Most inspirational runner: I’d have to say Dorothy (from mile-posts). I only recently stumbled upon her blog but she has run 20+ marathons! She truly inspires me to work hard and chase my dreams. Her mantra of “I Run This Body” is one I repeat to myself in races, and a good reminder that a lot of it is all mental.

6. If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Exciting…successful…relaxed….and marathon qualifier because my mom and I completed the NYRR 9+1 races to automatically qualify for the 2013 ING New York City Marathon!

What are your greatest moments? How about 2013 Goals? I will be writing a separate post on my 2013 health/fitness goals…stay tuned 😉

Post-Holiday Workout Routine

27 Dec

It’s no longer a “holiday,” so don’t treat it as one! I know it’s easy to continue eating leftover candy and cookies around the house, but don’t do it! It’s time to get back into it and continue the progress you were making pre-holiday season.

For this very reason, I came up with a workout routine for you that you can do at the gym or at home! You will notice some more emphasis on lower body, and that is because working larger muscle groups burns more and gets your heart rate sky high. For step-ups or box jumps, if you’re at the gym you can use a box, but if you’re at home you can easily use stairs, which is what I do.

Let me know if you complete it and what you think! It’s definitely a calorie torcher =)


Happy Holidays!

23 Dec

I apologize for not posting much the past few days…I’ve been busy doing last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping. I always tend to wait until the week before to start shopping…oops.

I probably won’t post for the next few days so I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! Enjoy!

Workout Challenge!

20 Dec

Heading to the gym? Or wondering how to work out at home with no equipment? Here you go!


Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

19 Dec

Officially on winter break woooo! Today I’m going to pick up my sister from her college and finishing up Christmas shopping. I literally started a few days ago…oops.

Anyway, here’s some awesome health info you should check out!

What do you think is the hardest part of of the holiday season in terms of health and fitness?