Motivational Monday: Hurricane Edition

29 Oct

I hope those of you on the East Coast will stay safe and dry the next few days. I spent all day yesterday preparing the house with my family. Let me tell you, shoveling sand into bags and then putting them out in front of the house (I’m talking over 50 bags) is definitely a workout!

I have off from class and work the next two days, so I will have time to write some posts and catch up on school work…and relax! My gym is closed, and I’m not running in the hurricane, so I will have to do some at-home workouts I’m sure. Maybe I’ll post a workout for you all? 😉

Here’s some motivation for you for this week:

This quote is so true! Clear your mind of negativity. Whether it’s being negative about things in life, or being negative about your body and health…the first step to overcoming both is changing your mindset. You have one life, and one body…make the most of it! Your body is an amazing thing, and will take you to great places. This week, I challenge you to be positive! When you find yourself getting down, immediately stop and change your frame of mind. Or at least try to.

Do you typically find the glass half empty or half full?

Be optimistic this week…and stay dry everyone!


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