Motivational Monday!

22 Oct

It’s a new week…yet again! Sometimes I feel like the weekend flies by (actually no, not sometimes, ALL the time). But…what can ya do! Here’s my motivational quote for you to live by this week:

Whatever it is you are working on this week…do it with passion. Whether it’s working out, running, racing, working on a new project, school work…put 100% into it. Sometimes it is tough to do that…trust me I know! I have 6 different part-time jobs right now and am in graduate school. Some days I just don’t feel like putting much effort into anything. But lately I have been feeling energized. I want to give everything my all, and the best I can. I have been constantly reading tech websites to learn more about social media, blogging, tech, etc., in order to grow this blog and brand. I have been keeping up with my school work. I have been working out consistently, and eating healthy consistently (what up losing 1.5% body fat!).

This week I challenge YOU to be passionate about what you do. Do it.


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