Motivational Monday!

15 Oct

The past two weeks have been crazy busy for me, and in turn, crazy stressful. On top of my usual workload, my parents are away for 2 weeks so I have had to maintain the house, drive my brother everywhere, and cook a ton! I finally got to sleep in yesterday and it was amazing.

I try not to stress and worry though. As this quote says, worrying “empties today of its strength” and also just wastes your time and energy. I always try to “live in the now” and keep calm. I feel that negativity and stress are pointless emotions. You’ll get through it, whatever it is, and life always goes on.

Hopefully this week isn’t as crazy, but even if it is I’m going to try to take everything in stride, and also count my blessings. I’m busy because I have multiple jobs and am in graduate school. I am lucky to have these opportunities!

Do you stress out easily? How do you try to stay calm?


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