Take It Easy!

13 Sep

Some days, you just need to take it easy, even if it’s not in the schedule.

Yesterday, I was supposed to take off from running, but go to the gym for a lifting session.

Yeah…that wasn’t happening…

I could barely walk because my quads were so sore from Monday’s lifting session! I did barbell squats for the first time in maybe 2 months, and I paid for it. I decided today needed to be a rest day all-around.

Now, I could have laid in bed all evening and watched re-runs of The Hills on Netflix (ok I did watch a few episodes), but then my mom asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her and my dad, so I did.

Not a bad view eh?

We went to my local park and just walked for literally 1 mile. Nothing crazy. Nothing sweat inducing. For many, this doesn’t even count as exercise. But guess what, I do. If you are getting off your couch and moving, then you are doing a good thing.

Many people think that in order to be healthy you need to be working out 1-2 hours a day. Not necessarily! Just get up and move. Go for a walk with a friend or your dog. Go for a leisurely bike ride around town. If the only time you have to move is your lunch break, use 15 minutes of that time to get outside. Sure,  you want to work in some time with cardiovascular and strength work, but some days, a nice walk ain’t so bad 🙂

Random: I started reading this book at night before bed. Only on page 30 but it’s good so far! Has anyone read it? What good books have you read recently?


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