Exercise? Easy. Motivation? That’s the hard part.

12 Sep

Some days, I just want to come home from work, lay on the couch and watch TV while surfing the internet. Actually, most days I would like to do this. If only we lived in a world where exercising wasn’t necessary! πŸ˜‰

I love anything fitness related. I love running, lifting, spinning, yoga…you name it. The hardest part is actually GETTING to the gym, or wherever I need to be. Some days I just lack motivation, and if it weren’t for my mom, I probably would skip more days. Then once I’m actually at the gym, I usually end up having an awesome workout and am glad I went. What’s that quote…”‘Wow, I really regret that workout!’ said no one ever.” So true!

I found this article by Nissan’s Innovation for Endurance (I love their videos with Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan…my running idols!). The article highlights strategies for staying motivated. Let’s go through some of them and I’ll add my thoughts:

  • Strength in Numbers – The article discusses the importance of “cheerleaders.” When you have people who are proud of you and impressed, it’s easy to keep going with your routine. Find those people! I also think strength in numbers can mean finding workout buddies. I love running and strength training with my mom. It’s someone to push me to my limit (and to get to the gym) and also someone to chat with about mundane things while running. It helps pass the time. See if you can find someone to run, walk, lift, do yoga…whatever…with you. You will find exercise much more enjoyable!
  • Gadgets and Gear“Sometimes, a little digital support can come in handy as well. And not just for connecting with other fitness aficionados via the Internet. These gadgets can track everything from your mileage to your average pace to your heart rate to the elevation of wherever you’re running or hiking.” I love my gadgets! If you’re into technology, there is so much out there for you. I personally like RunKeeper to track my miles and also keep track of my current pace while running. I use GymBoss for intervals. It lets you specify how long you want intervals to last, as well as breaks. For nutrition, I use LoseIt! to track my nutritional intake. It’s cool because you can also scan bar codes if it doesn’t list a food. No more “well, I didn’t know 1 serving was 1000 calories and had 30 grams of sugar.”
  • Music and Other Distractions“But music isn’t the only distraction that can help you with your goals. New workout gear can also provide some much-needed motivation.” I love music when I need to run alone. Download some upbeat songs (scroll through my posts and find my Reach Your Peak Workout Playlists) to get you through tough workouts. New workout gear is always good motivation! When I get new running shorts it’s like Christmas. Spoil yourself and get your favorite brand dri-fit shirts and shorts, nice socks, sports bras, etc. When you feel like you look the part, you’ll find yourself wanting to act the part too.
  • Think of Others – This article states, think of how you may want to get healthier to be with your loved ones for longer. It also discusses possibly doing events for charity. I ran the New York City Marathon for the Christopher Reeve Foundation, and it was such a rewarding experience. But it doesn’t have to be on a large scale either. Dedicate your workouts or daily runs to someone, and think of completing it for them.

Innovation for Endurance provided some great tips to keep you motivated and help you stay on track with your routines. Next time you don’t want to work out, think of these tips and just get out the door! Remember, actually getting started is that hardest part. Once you’re working out, you won’t believe you were close to skipping it!

What tactics do you use to motivate yourself daily?



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